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Mercator Coriolis Mission Group (GMMC): Call for Opportunities

The Mercator Coriolis Mission Group (GMMC) unites research teams which are made up each year following a Call for Tenders (issued jointly with Coriolis since 2002). Its main task is to support scientific activities for Mercator Ocean and Coriolis. Providing a wealth of resources for Mercator, it offers a strong link between the operational side and fundamental research.

The teams selected each year (led by Principal Investigators or PIs) together make up the Mercator Coriolis Mission Group. The PIs meet once a year during the GMMC Days in order to present their research results.

Call for Tenders 2017

The GMMC 2017 offer is integrated as a specific action in the INSU 2017 LEFE Call for Tenders.

See, a site from which you can download all the documents related to this Call for Tenders.

GMMC candidates must consequently submit their GMMC projects via LEFE while following the procedure for the LEFE Call for Tenders.

The text of the Call for Tenders can be accessed directly in this document.
In the Call for Tenders you will find details on the configurations implemented by Mercator Ocean and on data and products available from Mercator Ocean and Coriolis.