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The Mercator-Ocean Scientific Newsletter is being published electronically 4 times a year, on January, April, July and October 1st. Its purpose is to provide a periodical forum for the circulation of ideas and research results among the operational oceanography community. It is a scientific journal addressing specialists on the covered topic. It is dedicated to operational oceanography and its latest challenges and progress.

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Newsletter #48 : Special Issue jointly coordinated by Mercator Ocean and Coriolis focusing on Ocean Observations

Posted the 04/01/2013
Summary :
  • MyOcean In Situ TAC: A new in situ service for operational and research communities
  • Using In Situ TAC products to view the early February 2013 Storm over the Iberian Biscay Irish (IBI) area.
  • French Argo float deployment from opportunity vessels in 2012
  • MOOSE: Mediterranean data management link with Coriolis
  • European contributions to SPURS (Salinity Processes in the Upper Ocean regional Study): Research cruise STRASSE, Argo and Provbio floats, surface drifters, ships of opportunity
  • Development and validation of the new ProvBioII float

Newsletter #47 : Impact of the loss/addition of satellite altimetry on operational products

Posted the 03/26/2013
Summary :
  • GODAE OceanView Observing System Evaluation (OSEval) Task Team news
  • Death and birth in the Altimetry constellation
  • An eventful year in the Altimetry constellation
  • Impact of the loss/addition of satellite altimetry on Mercator Ocean operational products
  • Evaluation experiment to test the value of altimetry in FOAM

Newsletter #46 : Special issue NEMO-MyOcean

Posted the 11/16/2012
Summary :
  • NEMO for dummies
  • NEMO organisation
  • Coupled physical-biogeochemical ocean modeling using NEMO components
  • Toward a data assimilation system for NEMO
  • NEMO in MyOcean Monitoring and Forecasting Centers (MFCs)
  • NEMO: the modeling engine of global ocean reanalyses
  • MED12, oceanic component for the modeling of the regional Mediterranean earth system
  • NEMO for climate modeling

Newsletter #45 : Special Issue jointly coordinated by Mercator Ocean and Coriolis focusing on Ocean Observations

Posted the 04/01/2012
Summary :
  • NAOS: preparing the new decade for Argo.
  • Ice, Atmosphere, Ocean Observing System: the EQUIPEX-funded IAOOS project.
  • Autonomously profiling the nitrate concentrations in the ocean: the pronuts project.
  • EGO: Towards a global glider infrastructure for the benefit of marine research and operational oceanography.
  • Cirene: from cyclones to interannual timescales in the south-western tropical Indian Ocean.
  • Use of ARGO floats to study the ocean dynamics south of Africa: what we have learned from the GoodHope project and what we plan within the SAMOC international programme.
  • Use of altimetric and wind data to detect the anomalous loss of SVP-type drifter’s drogue
  • Surface salinity drifters for SMOS validation
  • A new information and data mining tool for North Atlantic Argo data

Newsletter #44 : Various areas of benefit using the Mercator Ocean products

Posted the 01/01/2012
Summary :
  •  Meteo-France and Mercator Ocean contribution to the search of the AF447 wreckage
  • Mercator Ocean operational global ocean system 1/12° PSY4V1: performances and applications in the context of the nuclear disaster of Fukushima
  • Drift forecast with Mercator Ocean velocity fields and addition of external wind/wave contribution
  • GLORYS2V1 Global ocean reanalysis of the altimetric era (1993-2009) at meso scale

Newsletter #43 : Three of the MyOcean long time series reanalysis products

Posted the 11/01/2011
Summary :
  • News: Workshop on Observing System Evaluation and Intercomparisons : a GODAE Ocean view/GSOP/CLIVAR event (13-17 June 2011, Santa Cruz, USA)
  • CORA3, a comprehensive and qualified ocean in-situ dataset from 1990 to 2010
  • A multivariate reanalysis of the North Atlantic ocean biogeochemistry during 1998-2007 based on the assimilation of SeaWiFS data
  • Ifremer/CERSAT Arctic sea ice drift 1992-2010 time series from satellite measurements for myocean

Newsletter #42 : The latest space mission : SMOS, GOCE and CRYOSAT

Posted the 07/01/2011
Summary :
  •  SMOS: An Earth explorer mission to observe ocean salinity with a novel technology
  •  An oceanographic assessment of the preliminary GOCE geoid models accuracy 
  •  CRYOSAT2 : An opportunity mission for MyOcean and oceanography : from theory to practice 
  •  Optimally improving the atmospheric forcing of long-term global ocean simulations with sea-surface temperature observations

Newsletter #41 : The new joint Coriolis-Mercator Ocean Quarterly Newsletter

Posted the 04/01/2011
Summary :
  • In-situ data requirements for the GMES Marine Core Service - Report of a workshop organized by the European Environment Agency.   
  • The EuroSITES open ocean observatory network: a key ocean infrastructure and in situ data provider. 
  • Use of ProvBio floats to study the dynamics of suspended particles in river plumes: the Provpanache project.   
  • Empirical correction of XBT fall rate.  
  • Geostrophic component of oceanic jets entering in the eastern Coral Sea observed with high-resolution XBT surveys (2008-2010).   
  • Collecting and gridding complementary in-situ SST/SSS data for the calibration and validation of SMOS.   
  • How should the Argo array be extended to better monitor the Global Ocean heat content variability?   
  • QuO Va Dis? The Mercator Ocean quarterly validation bulletin: recent developments and prospects.   

Newsletter #40 : MyOcean Ecosystem Models

Posted the 01/01/2011
Summary :
  • Integration of biogeochemistry into Mercator Ocean systems
  • Operational forecasts of the biogeochemical state of Mediterranean Sea
  • The MyOcean Black Sea coupling of dynamics and ecosystem
  • Arctic Ocean ecosystem modeling in MyOcean

Newsletter #39 : MyOcean Physical Systems in Regional Seas

Posted the 10/01/2010
Summary :
  • The FERRYBOX component in MYOCEAN
  • The new regional generation of Mercator Ocean system in the Iberian Biscay Irish (IBI) area
  • The MyOcean Black Sea from a scientific point of view
  • NEMO-Shelf, towards operational oceanography with SST data assimilation on the North West European Shelf