Mercator Ocean Products and Services Access

MERCATOR OCEAN grants a right of use of its products, governed by the terms and conditions of use of Mercator Ocean products that the user agrees to comply with.

These terms and conditions are applicable to all Mercator products.

1/ Terms and conditions of use for the products directly accessible (including maps and bulletins reachable on our website).

2/ Terms and conditions of use for the products reachable on demand (graphical and digital products).

These terms and conditions will be complemented by an agreement(*) which describes the subject (application for which the products are used), the products delivered, the mode of delivery, and the duration of the right of use.

For graphical and digital products, it is necessary to fill up an application form to access the products.

- Please download the application form:

Application Form (.doc)

- Send it back by e-mail to:

- You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email and your request will be processed as soon as possible.

(*) After mutual agreement on the products to be delivered, a contract will be prepared. The preparation of the delivery is triggered by the signature of this contract.


Prices of Mercator products

All the costs relating to the production and the diffusion of Mercator products are fully covered by MERCATOR OCEAN and its shareholders.

For commercial applications and some context of projects, the products will be delivered after acceptance of a quote and signature of a paying contract.

The fee corresponds to the cost of provision of the product asked.

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