#WeAreAllOceanCitizens, a Mediterranean Edition

To celebrate the Mediterranean Coast Day on September 25th, Mercator Ocean International (MOi) will participate in the Med Ocean Literacy Festival, organised by the EU4Ocean Coalition. With the Copernicus Marine Service and in partnership with Sulitest, MOi will host the online event #WeAreAllOceanCitizens to present the SDG14 module.

Co-produced by MOi, Sulitest and the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), the SDG14 module is an interactive and participative tool about the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14, “Life below Water”. This ocean literacy tool provides information to better realise the challenges our ocean faces. It also helps to understand why SDG14 is essential for our planet’s health and how we are all concerned. Composed by a diverse Working Group of experts, this MCQ test is made for students, policymakers, sustainable blue economy entrepreneurs, and the general public.

Join us at 11 am on September 25th to enter the quiz competition and help your team win the game! Divided into teams named after Mediterranean species, participants will attempt to find correct answers and score points. Every question will be discussed with EU Young Ocean Advocates, which will lead to a concluding call for action. This quiz has been created to help raise global awareness about the ocean because #WeAreAllOceanCitizens. So let’s share it!

Join us and attend the event here!
More information about about the Mediterranean Ocean Literacy Festival here.