Mercator Ocean, partner of 2d3D Animations for the game “Mission Oceans”

Mission Océans2d3D has developed an edutainment project called “Mission Oceans”. It is a management game in which the objective is to re-establish and maintain the ecological balance to protect and to preserve oceans. In order to do so, the player needs to collect knowledge from the field, well manage his team (and resources), and to send them on a mission. Whenever a mission is successful, the player will unlock access to media such as images, videos, 3D and written content from the “Aquatek” (oceans encyclopedia). He will then be able to collect information about oceans and share them on social media.
This game is destined for the general public, targeting mainly 12-35 years old players, and aims at raising awareness to reality of ecological balance, protection, and protection of the oceans, its flora and fauna.


Mercator Ocean produces ocean forecasting and analyses data updated weekly or daily that are useful to many ocean users. The provision of operational oceanographic information such as maps will be used for “missions” suggested by the game and to enrich the scientific knowledge database, also called “resources”, the media library “Aquatek”, and the “Events” along the path of the player in order to complete successfully its mission.

With the expertise of Mercator Ocean, 2d3D designs and transcribes useful oceanographic value to the game, destined for the general public.